“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” -Old adage
“Let the good times roll.” -Another old adage.

American small businesses: They’ve been the foundation of growth and change in this country since its inception. Whether it was the 1800s general store, the soda fountains of the early 1900s, or other national icons, small businesses have helped shape and mold America’s foundational fabric.

Today, starting a small business has become easier than ever. Whether you need capital, paperwork, etc…you can find it in a few clicks.

Know what’s not easy? Marketing. It’s a sticking point for most new businesses that hold them back.

In fact, good marketing makes the difference between an unending pipeline of prospects and raving fans, and a lonely lemonade stand in the middle of the forest. You won’t be successful if people can’t find you or understand why you’re awesome.

That’s where we come in.

Mouthpiece Media has served the marketing and branding needs of passionate small businesses for the last 15 years. We help them get found, get leads and get ahead.

Although we’ve created collateral for Fortune 100 and Inc. 500 companies, (full aware of the paydays possible with companies on that level), to be frank…it doesn’t serve OUR needs.

We believe in the little guys (and gals). We thrive on helping those people succeed, be it the local brewery, the neighborhood coffee shop, the bespoke footwear maker, or the 6-seat hair salon. Each one of those businesses is the fruit that grew from the seeds of desire and excitement, and it gets us out of bed and buzzing in the morning to empower those businesses and help them be found, patronized and become a cornerstone of the community.

So, how can we help you in building your dream?