Mouthpiece Media creates professional, top-level websites for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to the one-person show small business. Find out what tools and services we use to make our own business work!

In this section, we show you the exact prodcuts, resources, plugins, and providers that we use to create websites and other marketing collateral.   These are powerful and reliable providers, and we wouldn’t put our name behind them if we weren’t completely confident that your business would better off by using their services.

Featured Service Provider

Web Hosting

HostGatorHostGator – The hosting service we use for all our sites. Superior customer service, highly competitive pricing, and one of the top hosting companies in the industry. Use coupon code MOUTHPIECE for 25% off.  Read full-length HostGator review here.

Email Newsletters and Autoresponder

AWeberAWeber – Terrific autoresponder for marketers.  Easy to customize and segment lists for optimal conversions

Outsourcing, Finding Contractors

oDeskoDesk – Find talented contractors from all over the world.  I pay as little as $2.23/hour for admin people.  They feature profiles for virtually anything — graphic design, programming, HR, accounting, etc.

Stock Illustrations, Photography, and Video

DreamstimeDreamstime – Very competitive pricing and great quality images.  Advanced search engine allows you to tailor the results down to exactly what you want and need for any particular project

WordPress Themes

ElegantThemesElegantThemes has a excellent range of features and themes for virtually any website or blog application.  They have themes for everything, from small business to blogger to podcaster to online stores and more.  They’ve just passed the 100,000 customer mark, too!

WordPress Tools

Asteroids Widget – Let users blow up your content!

BuddyPressBuddyPress – Social networking application


datafeedrDatafeedr – Create endless affiliate stores using thousands of products from the major affiliate networks

MyReviewPluginMyReviewPlugin – Build awesome review sites with advanced graphics, tables, and more

OptimizePressOptimizePress – Create great looking sales and squeeze pages with a variety of templates and graphics that are optimized for the highest click-thru and conversion rates

Simple SurveySimple Survey – Create powerful surveys and quizzes


WishList MemberWishList Member – membership software plugin — protect your content and turn your site into a membership site; integrates with all major autoresponders and shopping carts